2015 09 Archdaily - Blind Whale

Blind Whale

The ‘Blind Whale' project investigates the value of Jo-cheon that is unique to Jeju Island. Jo-cheon refers to a sense of place and ‘Blind Whale’ achieves this by maintaining the round shaped roof that was once made of fishing nets. 

This type of roof is a  feature unique to Jeju farm houses. Jo-cheon village was settled about 800 years ago, in the early fourteenth century. It was considered by the locals as a waiting place where the mild winds  gently blew ships of people headed for the mainland. Jocheon,  also held a strategically significant location.

From the Korea Dynasty to Joseon Dynasty period, Jeju island was used for exiles. Those who were exiled came together at Jocheon, a locations slightly closer to mainland where their family and the king lived.

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