2016 04 Archdaily - Pyeongdae Panorama

Pyeongdae Panorama / Z_Lab

Pyeongdaeri in Jeju was once called "Baengdui." It means a wild field covered with stone sand grass. The old Jeju is well preserved in this village with traditional stone houses and cottages huddled together in the beautiful seaside. Recently,many newcomers from the land are settling down in this area, converting old farmhouses into handicraft workshops, stores, cafes and guest houses. They are making a positive impact to the village revitalizing the local economy while making efforts to preserve the rural character of the community.

The client was also a family that moved to Jeju from the main land. They were a so-called half-retired generation who retired but refused to live a life of retirees.They wanted to start a new life in Jeju, so they asked us to build a pension where guests can enjoy the privacy that single-family housing offers.

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